Additional Features

Now that you have your care coordination tool setup complete, expand your patient engagement with the patient facing tools. 

Get Your Health Record, Online Patient Screenings, and Remote Patient Monitoring encourages the patient to provider connection. Patients become more engaged in their healthcare with ease knowing that they can monitor and manage their health information whether they are in the clinical office, relaxing at home or on the go! 

Patient Application

Get Your Health Record

Social Determinants of Health

Online Patient Screenings

RPM Program

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Patient application 

  • Health history form 

  • Text alerts for health screenings 

  • Secure documents

  • Data sharing 

  • Patient generated events

  • Social determinants of health 

  • COVID-19 health screening 

  • Patient home monitoring 

  • Weight scale 

  • Blood pressure 

  • Poor results 

  • Trending graphs