Config Panel 

Customize your care coordination tool to what fits your care team needs. Create event types, program types and edit service providers.

Event Types


This reflects what type of event you are creating. 

E.g., phone call, in-office visit, etc.

Step 1.

Add Event Type Button.jpg

Click the Add Event Type button to generate a text field.

Step 2.

Enter Event Type Name.jpg

Enter the desired event type name in the text field.  

Step 3.

Event Type Submit Changes.jpg

Once you have entered your desired event type name, click the Submit Changes button.

Step 4.

Edit Event Type.jpg
Edit Event Type.jpg

Click the Edit button to update the event type name. Note: Updates will affect historical event types. 

Step 5.

Delete Event Type.jpg

Click on the Delete button to archive an event type. Note: Historical events will no will not be editable. 

Step 6.

Show Deleted.jpg
Restore Event Type.jpg

Click the Show Deleted button, a new pop-up window will display the deleted event types.

Click the Restore button to reactivate event type. 

Service Providers


Service Providers are associated to event types. This will allow you to build care teams for specific events that can be created by users such as nurses, social workers, pharmacists, etc. 

Important NoticE:

Step 1.

The list of Service Providers will be generated based on the My Team user CC roles. A user must have a Gold or Silver role in order to populate in the config panel. Please refer to your Security Official to request the proper CC role. 

Service Provider.jpg

Click on the drop-down menu next to the service providers name. Select the event types in which you would like the service provider to be associated to. You may de-select event types as needed. 

Step 2.

Service Provider Edit.jpg

If a Service Provider has the edit button next to their name, this indicates that this is an admin user that has and needs to be associated to My Team admin account. 

Step 3.

Edit Service Provider.jpg

When editing the Service Provider, checkmark the Contact already has a user account. A test box will then open for you to enter the admin users login username

Step 4.

SP Save.jpg

Once you have entered the Service Providers login username, click save

Step 5.

No Edit Service Provider.jpg

Once you hit save, your page will refresh back to the Config Panel. The Service Provider will no longer have the edit button available next to their name. The Service Provider is now associated to the My Team user account. 

For existing clients using the tool prior to April 2021.

duplicate service provider.jpg

If a referral partner was previously creating using the add feature from within create/edit event. These users may appear as duplicates from your service providers list. These users will have no event types associated to their name whereas the My team admin user (that has appropriate login credentials) will have their associated event types selected. The referral partner may be left as is at this time, no action is required

Program Types

Image by Hush Naidoo

Create Program types or use the already existing system types. Enroll patients in specific programs such as chronic care management, medication management, high risk, etc. 

Step 1.

Add Program Type.jpg

Click Add Program Type to generate a new text field. 

Step 2.

Enter Program Type.jpg

Enter the desired Program Type name in the text field. 

Step 3.

Save Program Type.jpg

Once you have entered your desired event program type name, click the Submit Changes button. 

Step 4.

Edit Program Type.jpg

Click the Edit button to update the program type name. ** Updates will affect historical event types. 

Step 5.

Delete Program Type.jpg

Click on the Delete button to archive a program type. ** Note that System Program Types cannot be edited

Step 6.

Show Deleted Program type.jpg

Click the Show Deleted button to view deleted items. Click the Restore button to reactivate program types.