Create Events

Create events to manage care plans, document important details and schedule follow-ups for your patient care management. 

how to access create event

Depending on where you are within the tool, there are three locations to access create events:  

Access 1. - patient lookup 

Create event - - patient lookup.jpg

From the Patient Lookup window, click on the CCT tab. Click View Event in the drop-down menu. 

Access 2. - calendar view 

Create event - calendar search.jpg

Use the + Search Patient button. Once your list of patients is generated, click View Event. 

Access 3. - filter view 

Create event - filter view.jpg

From the Patient Master Dashboard - Filter View, search for your patient. Once the list of patients generates, click on the arrow next to the patient name. Then, click create event. 


create event features


Any time that you are creating or editing an event, your timer will start running. The time accumulated is captured in the time report for patients that are enrolled in the CCM Enrolled program. You may pause and/or reset timer. 


A list of active templates (Care Plans) will display. You may select those that you would like to use in your event. 

Event Date

The system will automatically time stamp the event date for you. You may edit the date and time by clicking on the calendar and clock icons. 

Choose Event Type

From the drop down menu, select what type of event you would like to create for your documentation e.g., phone call, in-office visit. 

Service Provider 

If you are a Service Provider that is associated to the selected event type, your name will auto-generate. Otherwise, you may select a Service Provider from the drop down menu. Selecting a Service Provider is referencing who is going to be working and following up with the patient. There is no max of users that can be selected. 


This field is used to notate and provide details of the event. 

Add Follow Up Notes 

This field is used to note important information for future follow-ups. 

Send Email Alert

Checking this box will generate a field populating with the associated partners. You may select additional partners or deselect partners. The selected partners will receive an email alert 15-mins prior to the scheduled follow up date as a reminder. 

Program Types

If the patient is already enrolled in a program, this field will auto-populate. However, you may update the program type in this field. There is no max of program types that a patient can be enrolled in. 

** Program type field is only available when creating an event. It is not available while in edit mode. 

Attaching a document 

You may upload a document that you would like to be associated to this event e.g., CCM consent form. 

Follow up Date 

Click the calendar icon to select a follow up date. The time will auto-populate based on the time that you started your event. Click the clock icon to change the time. 

Save Event 

Save your event in an open status. 

Close Event 

Updates an open event into a closed status. 

Copy Event

Saves event, closes current event, and copies current event into a new event.

Mark as Done 

Saves event, closes current event and opens a brand new event.

Create Event/Update 

After you have selected your save (bubble) choices, click create event. Your page will refresh and direct you to the view events page of the patient.