Documentation Templates

Step 2. 

Start here 

Manage Templates.jpg

Start from the top navigation bar, click the care drop-down. Then, click 'Manage Templates'. 

Step 1. 

Documentation template+.jpg

Click the Documentation Templates heading to begin creating a new documentation template.

Your template header.jpg

In the Create Custom Templates page, start building under the Your Template header.

Step 3. 

Template name.jpg

Click the Template Name field, enter your desired name, then click Save.

Step 4. 

drag and drop.jpg

Select one of the three category components. The category you choose will determine the format in which you want your field to capture information. See list of categories below: 

Step 2. 

Documentation Component Categories 

Input Category 

Text Input - The answer given must be a free-form text response. 

Date Input - The answer given must be a specific date, using a calendar selection. 

Email Input - The answer given must be in an email address. 

Phone Input - The answer given must be a phone number. 

Select Category 

Select Basic - This field creates a drop-down menu with one or more choices. The answer given must be from one of these choices.

Radios / Checkboxes Category 

Inline Checkboxes - Provides a horizontal row of options. More than checkbox may be selected.

Multiple Checkboxes - Provides a vertical row of options. More than one checkbox may be selected. 

Inline Radios - Provides a horizontal row of options. Only one radio button may be selected. 

Multiple Radios - Provides a vertical row of options. Only one radio button may be selected.

Template Input.jpg
Template Select.jpg
Template Radios and Checkboxes.jpg

Step 4. 

drag over.jpg

Once you have chosen the format of the response field, click and drag the selected response from left to right, directly into the grey area under Your Template. 

Step 5. 

field entries.jpg

On the right side of the page, a pop-up will appear prompting the filling of several fields, Once these, have been configured, click the Save button. 

Step 6. 

edit restore.jpg
drag down.jpg

You may drag and drop template fields in the order in which you desire. 

Click the edit icon to edit the field.

Click the delete icon to delete a field. 

** Deleted items will become greyed out. Click the restore icon to reactivate the field.

Step 7. 

Templates are automatically saved to your Manage template list of templates.