Patient Lookup - EHR Connector 

The EHR Connector is putting actionable patient data in the hands of the healthcare providers, where it is needed most - at the point of care. This integration puts the Patient Lookup interface (a 4-year claims history) that many are familiar with in the Health Endeavors platform and places it right in the EHR.

No more need for additional logins! 

Getting started: 

Step 1. 

Computer Store

Complete and submit the EHR Connector request form. Health Endeavors will then send you the Patient Lookup License Agreement to sign and return.

Step 2. 

Schedule a kick-off call with Health Endeavors to get started on your project plan. 

Step 3. 


Together, alongside your EHR representative, status calls will be scheduled to complete your project plan.

Step 4. 


Patient Lookup - EHR Connector team training. Once the integration is complete. Health Endeavors will schedule a training session on how to access and utilize Patient Lookup.