Launch a

Social Determinants of Health Screening

Admin CCT Gold users can create and and launch Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) screenings that can be provided for patients to complete and share. 


Steps on How to Launch a SDoh screening 

Step 1. 


From the Health Endeavors login, click on the Care drop-down menu from the navigation bar. Then, select Manage Templates.

Step 2. 

create template.jpg

Once in Manage Templates, click the + symbol to create a documentation template.

Step 3. 

activate template.jpg

Once your Social Determinants of Health template is complete, click the check box to activate the screening.

Step 4. 

Edit text alert.jpg

In the Manage Templates Tips and Instructions box, click the Click here button.

Step 5. 

drop-down menu.jpg

A pop-up window will display for each month of the year. For your desired month, click the drop-down menu to select the SDOH template. Click Save. This will launch your screening in Health History for your patients to complete.

Step 6. 

GYHR login.jpg

Instruct your patient to login to                           .

Step 7. 

Things to Complete2.jpg
Your Health.jpg

Once logged into account, instruct the patient to click on the Things to Complete tab on the Navigation bar. Then click the start button to complete the Social Determinants of Health screening. 

Step 8. 

PT Lookup.jpg

Once the patient has completed their screening, the Health Endeavors admin user will be able to view the Patient-Generated Event in Patient Lookup. Click View Event to review the full screening.