Manage Templates

Create care plans or choose from our list of pre-built templates. All templates are customizable to fit your care management needs. 

Manage Templates Home Screen

Step 1. 

Download pre built templates.jpg

To download a Health Endeavors pre-built template OR download from your master practice by clicking the drop-down menu and selecting a desired template. Then, click the download icon. Templates downloaded will become active by default. You may edit these templates to your specific needs. 

Step 2. 

Achived templates.jpg
Restore a template.jpg

Click on the trashcan icon to be taken to the list of archived templates. From the archived templates page, click the restore arrows icon to re-add the template to your list of available templates. 

Step 3. 

Create a documentation template.jpg

Click Documentation Templates + to create a new template. 

Step 4. 

activate template.jpg

To activate, click on the checkbox to activate the template. Activated templates will become available for selection when a service provider is creating and editing events. 

Step 5. 

Edit template name.jpg

To edit the template name, click the pencil icon. Make name changes and then click the checkmark button to save. 

Step 6. 

Edit template.jpg

To view and edit the template contents, click on the eye icon.

Step 7. 

Archive template.jpg

To archive a template, click the folded document icon. The template will then go into the list of archived templated.