Manage Templates

Create care plans or choose from our list of pre-built templates. All templates are customizable to fit your care management needs. 



Click the Documentation Templates heading to begin creating a new documentation template. 


In the Create Custom Templates page, start building under the Your Template header. 


Click the Template Name field, enter your desired name, then click Save


Select one of the three category components. The category you choose will determine the format in which you want your field to capture information. See list of categories below


Once you have chosen the format of the response field, click and drag the selected response from left to right, directly into the grey area under Your Template


On the right side of the page, a pop-up will appear prompting the filling of several fields, Once these, have been configured, click the Save button. 


Templates are automatically saved to your Manage template list of templates. 


You may drag and drop template fields in the order in which you desire. 

Click the edit icon to edit the field. Click the delete icon to delete a field. 
** deleted items will become greyed out. Click the restore icon to reactivate the field. 


Document Component Categories

Input Category 

Text Input - The answer given must be a free-form text response. 

Date Input - The answer given must be a specific date, using a calendar selection. 

Email Input - The answer given must be in an email address. 

Phone Input - The answer given must be a phone number. 

Select Category 

Select Basic - This field creates a drop-down menu with one or more choices. The answer given must be from one of these choices. 

Radios / Checkboxes Category 

Inline Checkboxes - Provides a horizontal row of options. More than checkbox may be selected.

Multiple Checkboxes - Provides a vertical row of options. More than one checkbox may be selected. 

Inline Radios - Provides a horizontal row of options. Only one radio button may be selected. 

Multiple Radios - Provides a vertical row of options. Only one radio button may be selected. 

Intervention Templates 

Click the 'Intervention Templates' heading to begin creating a new intervention template.


The first step in creating an intervention template is to give it a name. Fill in the 'Intervention Template Name' field, then click 'Next' to continue.


In intervention templates, sections exist to break up the phases of the intervention. To create a section, fill in the name under 'Add First Section', then click 'Add Section' to continue.


When a section is created for the intervention template, additional configuration options appear at the bottom of the page. To add more sections, fill in a new name under the Add Another Section field. Each section created in this manner will have its own configuration options.


Individual sections have additional configuration options. Under the 'Actions' menu, you may 'Remove' the section entirely, or 'Edit' the name of the section.


The next configuration, 'Measurable Goals', determines the objectives that must be met as part of each section. To use this area, begin by clicking the drop-down menu to 'Create Goal Options'.


In this window, you may create multiple 'Field Options' at once. Type in each measurable goal related to this section of your intervention template, then click the blue bar to lock that goal into the list. You may remove any entered goal by clicking the x beside the gray bar highlighting the goal. When all goals have been entered for this section, click 'Save' to continue.


Each measurable goal entered on the previous window has a separate entry in this portion of the section. To edit a goal name or delete the goal entirely, use the blue pencil icon and the red trash icon respectively. Each goal also has a separate 'Date' field. These are utilized by users to indicate when each measurable goal has been reached as part of the intervention. Because users will fill out these dates during an event intervention, they do not need to be interacted with during template configuration.



The next area creates additional Interventions and relates them to measurable goals. First, use the 'Create Options' selection from the drop-down menu.


This window functions identically to the window for adding measurable goals. These Field Options, however, are intended to be interventions related to each goal, indicating steps taken to accomplish the goal. After creating the options in this area, click 'Save' to continue.


After creating the field options, select the 'Relate Interventions to a goal' option.


In this window, there are two drop-down menus. The top drop-down menu, labeled 'Related Options', allows you to select one or more of the previously created Intervention Options. Once you have selected these options, the bottom drop-down allows you to choose the Measurable Goal, also called 'Parent Option'.


Once you have chosen all Related Options and selected the Parent Option to which they should be associated, click 'Save' to continue.


The final two areas are for reference only and do not need to be filled out during template configuration. The 'Outcome Status' will provide two radio buttons for users that manage the event to choose from. 'Ongoing/Revised' should be selected by users until this section has been completed, at which point 'Resolved' should be selected. Users also have a 'Comments/Notes' section available to fill out when using these intervention templates.


After configuring each section of the template, with its measurable goals and associated intervention options, return to the Manage Templates page. As with documentation templates, an intervention template may still be edited as required by highlighting and then clicking to rename the template itself, or to edit the options within the template. Once the template is ready to be used, click the checkbox to make it available on the event creation form.

Edit, Activate and Archive Templates 

Hover over the desired template, wait for the tooltip to appear: 

Activate/Deactivate a Template 

Active templates will appear on the available options when care coordinators are working in events. 

View/Edit a Template 

View and edit existing template. 

Archive a Template 

Archive templates that are no longer needed. 

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