RPM Poor Results 

RPM Poor Results will provide a list of patients who have synced their Remote Patient Monitoring devices and have had abnormal results that require attention. 

RPM Poor Results.jpg
Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Result Descriptions 

Poor Results

Will be highlighted in grey. 

Patient Name
Click the arrow icon to review the RPM details. 

Insurance ID
Will populate with the patients MBI (if applicable). 

Patient gender 


Will display the reason for the poor result 

Result Date 

Date that the result was captured in the device. 

Click Mark as Reviewed to remove the patient from the poor results list after you have reviewed and addressed the patient. 

Upward Curve

RPM Poor Result Criteria's 

Blood Pressure Out of Range

Systolic equal to or greater than 140 AND Diastolic equal to or greater than 90 ( >= 140/90)) with diagnosis of hypertension or diabetes

Sudden Weight Increase

Gained more than 3 pounds in a single day with diagnosis of heart failure


Patient Lookup RPM Tab

Results Table
For patients who are enrolled in RPM, the results from their associated devices will populate in the Results table. This table can be exported to a PDF and sorted based on the available headers.

Depending on the device used to monitor weight, the values may be normalized from metric to imperial. Once the data has been normalized from kilograms to pounds, the weight is then rounded to the nearest pound.

Resting Heart Rate
The value displayed is the raw data from the device used to monitor the patient’s heart rate when at rest.

Blood Pressure
The value displayed is the raw data from the device used to monitor the patient’s blood pressure. The values are listed as Systolic/Diastolic.

Trending Charts
Either the normalized values or raw values are plotted in a graph with the associated date of the reading to show the trend over time. The Y Axis is represented by the value associated to the device reading, while the X Axis represents the date of the reading.