Social Determinants of Health

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Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) focuses on the important role of health outcomes, risks and overall quality of life of patients. These roles may be driven by conditions in which a person lives, learns, works and plays. These conditions include housing, transportation, education, access to medications, and more. Once a patient completes the questionnaire, your healthcare team will have a better understanding and be able to determine the resources that best fit the patients "out of office" needs that contribute to their overall health outcomes. 

Completing the Social Determinants of Health Questionnaire: 

Step 1. 

SDOH Login.jpg

The patient will login to their Health History account via

Step 2. 

SDOH ThingstoCompleteTab.jpg

Once logged in, the patient will select the Things to Complete tab found on the navigation bar. 

Step 3. 

SDOH StartButton.jpg

Click on the Start button to complete the Social Determinants of Health questionnaire. 

Step 4. 

SDOH SaveandUpload.jpg

Before saving the questionnaire, patients have the option to upload document(s) that may be shared to the healthcare team. 

Step 5. 

SDOH Save Button.jpg

Once the questionnaire is complete, click Save

Step 6. 

SDOH AccessEvents.jpg

Healthcare admin users can find the completed questionnaire in the Patient Lookup - CCT tab. 

Step 7. 

SDOH ViewEvent.jpg

From the View Events page, click the View Event button to review the completed questionnaire and uploads provided by the patient.