Time Report 

Generate reports based on time sessions that have been accumulated during event documentation. 

Important notices:  

Time accumulated in the Time Report is specific to patients who are enrolled in the CCM program for billing purposes. 

When logged in as a division or subTIN account. The data available will be affected by those roles. With the division role assigned, you will be shown time reports for all accessible practices within the division. With the SubTIN role assigned, you will only be able to see time reports for that SubTIN

Clock Gears

generating a time report 

Step 1. 

Care - Time Report.jpg

From the Care drop-down menu, select Time Report. 

Step 2. 

Time Report - Time Range.jpg

Choose the start and end time frame in which you would like to run your report. 

Step 3. 

Time Report - Billable.jpg

The billable only check box will be selected by default. This will generate patients who have had 20 minute or more accumulated for the selected time frame. 

Uncheck the box to view times accumulated for all patients. 

Step 4. 

Time Report - Click GO.jpg

Click GO! to generate your report. Your report will generate each episode of accumulated time on a patient. 

Step 5. 

Time Report - Export.jpg

You may export the report in a excel or PDF

Step 6. 

Time Report - collapse group.jpg
Time Report - total Time.jpg

The Collapse Group button will collapse all patient time accumulated encounters and display only the patient name and total time.