View Events

View historical events that have been created to keep track of care plans and important documented items. 

How to Access View Event 

Depending on where you are within the tool, there are three locations to access view events.  


Patient Lookup 

From the Patient Lookup window, click on the CCT tab. Click View Event in the drop-down menu. 


Calendar View 

From the Patient Master Dashboard - Calendar View


a. Double click on a patient name displayed in the calendar. 

b. Use the + Search Patient button. Once your list of patients is generated, click View Event.




Filter View


From the Patient Master Dashboard - Filter View search for your patient. Once the list of patient(s) generates, click the arrow next to the patient name. Then, click view event.

View Event Page Features 

+ Demographics 

The demographics tab will display a list items including contact details. Anything with a text field can be edited. Other items include: 

Text Alert Enrolled: 
Indicates if a patient is enrolled in the Get Your Health Record application. 

Dual Eligible Status: 
Indicates whether a patient is eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. 

CCM Time: 

Indicates how much time has been accumulated for the current month. 

Indicates if the patient is attributed or non-attributed to the assigned practice per CMS. 

Enrolling Practices: 
Indicates what program the patient is enrolled and by which practice (associated within your ACO). 


Program Types: 
Indicates in which programs the patient is enrolled in. Click on the toggle to turn on/off an enrollment of a program. ** Note that a patient must remain enrolled in at least program type. 


CCM Enrollment Codes: 
The Enrollment codes will populate based on data entry of the CCM Master Consent Notification template. 


CCM Conflicting Codes: 
Indicates and provides details to claims that are conflicting to CCM billing services e.g., home health, dialysis and other CCM services. 


Patient Lookup 

Patient Lookup provides aggregated data based on claims information.

Viewing Events 

Event history will display in chronological order for review. 

Origination Date: 

Indicates the date that the event was created in the Health Endeavors platform. 

Follow-up Date: 

Indicates and prompts in the calendar view as to when the referral partner is scheduled to follow-up with the patient. 

Creation Date: 
Indicates the date that the true event happened. By default this date is stamped to reflect the current date however, a referral partner may edit. 

Created By: 
system populated based on the admin user who is logged in to Health Endeavors. 


The status of an event is based on a workflow designated in the Calendar View. Open will display on the calendar referring to a scheduled follow-up still needing to be completed. Closed will refer to a follow-up being completed. 

Event Types: 
Indicates what type of event was created e.g., phone call, in-office, social worker, pharmacy. 

Indicates the partner who will be associated to this patient. 


Indicates which template(s) was used in the event. 

This field is used to notate and provide details of the event. 


Follow-up Note: 

This field is used to note important information for future follow-ups. 

Print Event: 
Allows you to print or download the event. 

View Event: 
This page will provide a full preview of the event details including the template questions and entries. 

Close Event: 

Updates an open event into a closed status. 

Allows you to delete an event. ** This feature is only available to the created by user. 

Copy Event: 

Saves event, closes current event, and copies current event into a new event. 

Mark as Done: 
Saves event, closes current event and opens a brand new event. 

Add Sub Event: 

Allows you to create a child event that will be saved under the parent event. 

Add Follow-up Note: 

Allows additional users to add follow-up notes to an event to document items such as e.g., messages.

** An email will generate to the referral partner that a follow-up note has been added.  

Upload Button: 
Allows you to upload documents related to the event. 

Uploaded Documents: 

You may download or delete documents that have been uploaded to an event. ** Documents provided by patients via a patient-generated event may not be deleted. 

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